Maverick City Music, Kirk Franklin Bring Powerful Message of God’s Love to Los Angeles’ Skid Row

Credit: Maverick City Music

Maverick City Music and Kirk Franklin have joined together to spread the joy of Christian music and God’s love in a new album and national tour. The musicians stopped at Los Angeles, where there is one of the largest populations of homeless people in the country on Skid Row, to bring them hope and faith. According to CBN News, the musicians have made the dreams come true of the Los Angeles Mission, a nonprofit dedicated to helping those living in poverty, as they brought God’s powerful message to people who are among those who need to hear it most. 

The president of the Los Angeles Mission, Troy Vaughn, shared that it was their dream come true to have the award winning musicians come to Skid Row. Vaughn explained that he was “overwhelmed by the magnitude of God’s love and generosity, His grace and His mercy,” while at a Maverick City Music concert and asked them if they would go to Los Angeles. For Vaughn, their performance in Los Angeles was special to him personally because he was living on the streets of Skid Row himself earlier in life. He wants to do all he can to transform the lives of those currently living on the streets by sharing the powerful messages with them that helped change his life. 


Joining Maverick City Music was Gospel Recording Artist Judith Christie McAllister and Recording Artist MAJOR. MAJOR told CBN’s Studio 5, “I do know struggle and I do know hardship. And I also, you know, in times that I’ve been out in the community, you get to know the humanity. It keeps me grounded and it helps me just to just realize how powerful hope can be.”

Spreading the message of God’s love around the country, especially to those who need to hear it most, has made Maverick City Music, Kirk Franklin, and all who joined them a blessing to so many people. The power of hope, prayer, and faith can bring miracles to people who don’t give up and who believe in a better future. With this concert, the people living on Skid Row were reminded that they are loved, that people believe in them, and that their circumstances can change as they embrace the messages of faith and God’s love. 


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