Mayorkas Admits Ending Title 42 Will Make Southern Border Crisis Even Worse

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The coming end of Title 42 is threatening Americans with a drastic increase in the number of migrants who will enter the United States, and Secretary of Homeland Security Alejandro Mayorkas admitted that the already dire circumstances are about to get worse. According to an internal memo obtained by the Washington Free Beacon, Mayorkas said of the end of Title 42, “this will strain our workforce, our communities, and our entire system.”

The Free Beacon reports, “the southern border could see up to 15,000 crossings a day once Title 42 lapses, which amounts to 5.1 million annually. By comparison, last March saw an average of roughly 5,200 daily illegal border crossings.”


Title 42 was the public health order issued during the COVID-19 pandemic that allowed for the swift deportation of migrants. On May 11, this order will be terminated. Republicans have expressed serious concerns that the end of Title 42 will bring an even greater surge in migration, and overwhelm the southern border which has been facing a crisis since Biden began his term. Americans living along the southern border have had to face dangerous and deadly situations as migrants walked right onto their land striking fear in many homeowners. On the other hand, most Democrats are celebrating the end of Title 42, with the exception of some like Rep. Veronica Escobar (D., Texas) who expressed grave concern for our border communities. 

Despite his warning that Title 42 will bring a wave of migration unseen before, Mayorkas is trying to rely on the promise that new remote processing centers, which will give those seeking asylum a great chance at entering the United States, will discourage migrants from sneaking through the border. 


In his memo, Mayorkas tried blaming the crisis at the southern border on the nation’s “broken immigration system.” He promised to enact policies that would bar illegal immigrants from entering the country for five years and fine them each time they enter illegally, but a senior DHS official noted that both policies have already been in place and repeat entry is already considered a felony.

Mayorkas’ words and promises have not led doubtful Americans to place any more faith in the Biden administration than the little to none they already had. The failed policies of the Biden administration when it comes to the southern border are only going to continue to fail, according to Mayorkas and the warning he issued of the coming termination of Title 42. While the Biden administration continues to strike fear in Americans for a myriad of reasons, the escalating crisis at the southern border is a wave of fear that will impact families and business-owners who have been facing danger because of it for years. 

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