McDonald’s Employee Prays For Customers, Shares Message of God’s Love

Credit: Shutterstock

Ms. Brenda, a McDonald’s employee from Mississippi, has been spreading God’s love to customers by praying for them before they leave with their meals. According to WLOX, Ms. Brenda’s thoughtfulness does not go unnoticed by her customers, one of whom shared how the experience made a positive impact on her. Though Ms. Brenda may not know what her customers are struggling with, her thoughts and prayers are making a difference in their lives.  

According to WLOX, one customer, Dylan Brooke, was particularly touched by Ms. Brenda’s prayers when she stopped inside McDonald’s. Brooke shared on social media that she was “silently struggling” with some things lately and was left nearly in tears as Ms. Brenda, who knew nothing of her circumstances, said prayers for her that were meaningful. Brooke wrote of Ms. Brenda, “She hit every spot. Word for word, every issue. She knew. God works in mysterious ways.” 


In an interview with WLOX, Ms. Brenda shared that every morning she says Proverbs 3: 5-6 “trust in the Lord with all of your heart, lean not on your own understanding, but acknowledge Him in all My ways and He shall direct my path.” Ms. Brenda added that she is grateful to have even just fifteen seconds to pray for the people she meets and share God’s love.

Ms. Brenda’s passion for faith and kindness brings positivity and optimism to her customers. Though she may not know what may burden others, Ms. Brenda knows that everyone can benefit from reminders of God’s love and being prayed for. 


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