Michelangelo’s Sistine Chapel Frescoes Come to America

Credit: Shutterstock

Michelangelo’s masterpiece on the ceiling of the Sistine Chapel has made its way to the United States through a unique exhibit that has been traveling the world since 2015. According to CBN News, the traveling exhibit is leaving viewers in awe with an up-close look at what is arguably one of the world’s most spectacular wonders. Seeing the highest quality of photographs that show every brushstroke and exact color on the frescoes, people are nearly experiencing a visit to the Sistine Chapel without having to make their way to Vatican City. 

The exhibit is giving audiences worldwide a different perspective viewing the astonishing artwork life-sized and right in front of them instead of distanced high up on a ceiling. According to Michelangelo’s Sistine Chapel: The Exhibition, experts have reproduced frescoes from the Sistine Chapel ceiling using licensed high definition photos. The synopsis of the exhibition states: “Brought to life using a special printing technique that emulates the look and feel of the original paintings, visitors are given a chance to engage with the artwork in ways that were never before possible: seeing every detail, every brushstroke, and every color of the artist’s 34 frescoes. Each image is accompanied by informative signage, and audio guides are available to rent for an even more in-depth experience.”


After viewing the exhibit in Richmond, Virginia, CBN News found that viewers from all perspectives appreciate the phenomenal masterpiece created by Michelangelo over 500 years ago. One viewer shared that she saw details that could not be seen high up on the ceiling, and another shared that seeing it so close gave her “chills.” Some added that being able to spend more time looking at each fresco in front of them gave them a unique experience separate from what they felt walking through the actual Sistine Chapel.

From art connoisseurs to those with no background in art history, the Sistine Chapel frescoes are awe-inspiring to all who have the chance to see Michelangelo’s masterpiece in person, either in the Sistine Chapel or at this extraordinary exhibit. As one of the most famous pieces of art ever created in the world, Michelangelo’s frescoes on the Sistine Chapel ceiling have been captivating people worldwide with their depiction of the Book of Genesis, which helps to draw more interest in the Bible from those admiring Michelangelo’s work. 


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