Ministry Builds Faith-Based School Near ‘Ark Encounter’ in Kentucky

Credit: Ark Encounter

The ministry, Answers in Genesis, recently purchased the former Toyota North American engineering and manufacturing headquarters in Northern Kentucky for $31 million to grow their faith-based school for kids ages 5 through 17. According to CBN News, the facility will be used not just as a school, but also as a workplace for the ministry’s general staff and their Answers.TV streaming service. This expansion reveals the popularity of this Christian ministry and the demand for Bible-driven education that will equip students with the answers of faith as they face the questions of the world. 

The school will teach the true Creation story based on the Bible and take students through a chronological journey with their Answers Bible Curriculum. According to Answers in Genesis, through their educational program, “all ages are equipped to defend their faith, becoming conformed to the image of Christ, as they learn to apply God’s Word in their everyday lives.” 


Answers in Genesis has already garnered much attention and popularity, having welcomed their 10 millionth guest to their Ark Encounter and Creation Museum earlier this year. According to CBN News, “the Ark Encounter opened in 2016 in Williamstown, Kentucky, and was built according to the instructions God gave Noah in Genesis 6. The 10-story-high vessel features larger-than-life exhibits that bring museum visitors face to face with the story of biblical proportions.” In 2020, USA Today even named the Ark Encounter the “Best Religious Museum,” and some say the experience is good enough to replace Disney, according to Answers in Genesis

The new school building will be located near the Ark Encounter, which is likely to engage students even more in their learning, capturing their interest with a unique experience so close by. Filled with Scripture, the curriculum “equips” students with answers for a “skeptical world” and encourages them to rely on their faith through all of life’s greatest questions. In a world where education is being corrupted by so many, having an option with integrity and unique experiences gives a promising look towards the future. 


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