Ministry Builds Tiny Homes for Veterans Personalized by Community

Credit: 2x4's for Hope

The ministry 2×4’s for Hope is building tiny homes for veterans with a special feature that reminds our nation’s heroes how much they are appreciated. In each home, a unique 2×4 containing signatures and decorations from members of the community is used as beams in the frame which the veteran will be able to see before the home is finished. The extra special touch reminds veterans of the community that surrounds and supports them who had a part in building their tiny home. 

According to WGEM, 2×4’s for Hope is expanding their reach from Quincy, Illinois to Iowa. Iowa branch co-director Lester Kistner shared that when veterans see the signatures and decorations on a beam that will be in their home, it lets them know that they are cared about and have not been forgotten. Kistner’s sister Stephanie Warner, who is a member of the team, described their work as a “passion project” because they believe in taking care of America’s veterans.


The mission of 2×4’s for Hope is to make a difference in the lives of our nation’s heroes with “meaningful work and unforgettable experiences.” They suggest that communities can help their mission through prayer, signing a 2×4 at an event, donating time to help build a home, and donating to help buy materials. So far, the organization has more than 20,000 signed 2×4’s that have been donated to them. 

Building a home for our nation’s heroes is one of the ways we can show them our gratitude for their service to our country. Adding the personal touch of decorated beams shows veterans that their home is literally supported by their community, reminding them that they remain respected members of the community who are appreciated for their sacrifice. As 2×4’s for Hope continues to grow, more and more children and adults will learn the importance of thanking a veteran and the difference it makes in their lives. 


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