Ministry Creates Loving Home Environment for Children Awaiting Foster Care Placement

Credit: Isaiah 117 House

By starting a new ministry, Ronda and Corey Paulson have changed the experience of children needing to use the facilities of the Department of Child Services in an effort to make their stay, however long or temporary, a little easier. According to CBN News, upon seeing firsthand the dismal conditions of the facility that the children were using who had to be taken into custody of the Department of Child Services, the Paulson’s were heartbroken and felt God pushing them to make a difference for these children. Through founding the Isaiah 117 House, the Paulson’s have built a loving and home-like environment which surrounds children with a more positive and brighter atmosphere while awaiting their next phase. 

Wanting to become foster parents themselves, the Paulson’s needed to take a trip to the facility of the Department of Child Services. Ronda described the facility as a “conference room [with] state-issued furniture, blank walls, no color, [and] no warmth.” The gentleman leading the class shared that a young girl slept in that room just the night before, which broke Ronda’s and Corey’s hearts. Ronda shared that she believes the little girl probably felt so forgotten, and it was that moment that it came to Ronda to do something to ensure each child knows that they have not been forgotten, but are loved. 


Ronda Paulson founded Isaiah 117 House as a way to provide “physical and emotional support in a safe and loving home for children awaiting foster care placement.” The Isaiah 117 House offers a colorful atmosphere complete with fluffy furniture, toys, and books instead of gray cubicles. They also provide clean clothes, healthy snacks, and washroom facilities so that the children are well taken care of while using the service. The children can even leave the house with items they chose and products they may need for their own hygiene including clothing, shoes, and toiletries which helps make an easier transition into a foster home. 

Since the first Isaiah 117 House opened in 2018, 35 states have reached out to the Paulson’s in the hopes that they will expand their services. Right now, Isaiah 117 House operates in Indiana, Tennessee, and Georgia, but the Paulson’s plan to continue growing their reach to help more children. Committed to the verse found in Isaiah 1:17 “defend the cause of the fatherless,” the Paulson’s are answering the call to ensure that the children in custody of the Department of Child Services feel loved, cared for, and remembered.


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