Ministry Gives Homeless Woman One Year of Rent

For years the Daughters of Destiny Ministries would hold events at a local restaurant in Flowood, Mississippi where they got to know many of the servers there. In preparation for an upcoming event called “100 Women At The Table,” the founder of the ministry, Dr. Kathy Amos, found out that a waitress was just able to find an apartment after being homeless for over three years.

Amos was unaware that the waitress, Angie, whom she knew for years struggled with homelessness. She told CBN News”we’ve been going to that restaurant over a year doing our events…but Angie has never given us the impression that she was going through,” she said. “She’s just never brought it into work.”


Dr. Amos was so moved with Angie’s story that she took it upon herself to help furnish her apartment with household items from Walmart such as towels, decorations, and doormats. During the evening of the event, she said God told her to share Angie’s story with all those in attendance.

“Before we left the conference center, all the women in the room sowed hundreds of dollars for her new apartment,” she said.


One woman in particular, Dr. Kellie Agueze, pastor and founder of Warrior Nation, was so moved by Angie’s story that she decided to pay 6-month’s of her rent.

During the event, Angie was overwhelmed with emotions by the generous attendees. “I’ve asked for help from the church, but they didn’t help me,” Angie told the group. “But you all have shown me that this is the church!”

“She was just shocked from the outpouring of love from the sisterhood of the Daughters of Destiny,” Amos said. “[They] came together and just blessed her.”

When the event was over, Angie’s story was shared on social media reaching more than 3,000 people where a friend of Dr. Amos, Makes Chanay, decided to pay another 6-month’s of her rent.

In an interview with CBN News, Dr. Amos described how Angie was moved to tears of the outpouring of support and began thanking God.

“She fell onto her face and started crying out to the Lord saying, ‘Lord, I thank you.”

Read more about Angie’s story here

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