Missouri Mother Desperate to Bring Ukrainian Orphans to the U.S. Describes Problems

Credit: 1U Project

Wendy Farrell, a mother of five from Missouri and the founder of 1U Project, which serves to support ministries dedicated to helping “impoverished orphans and families in Ukraine,” is on a mission to get 31 orphans safely to the United States as their war-torn country remains under attack, according to CBN News. Farrell, who has been partnered with an orphanage in Western Ukraine for years, was able to send buses to the orphanage to evacuate the children who are now in Krakow, Poland. Farrell shared that the wait time to process the visas for the children is a major problem and hopes that the U.S. consulate steps up their efforts to help the most vulnerable. 

While the children are currently staying in a dorm-like environment in the safety of Poland, Farrell shares that “they are anxious to be settled.” CBN News reports that Farrell explained they are desperate to speed up the process for visas for the children. With the consulate in Krakow being low staffed and “expediting business visas only,” Farrell said “the U.S. needs to send reinforcements and prioritize visas for the most vulnerable first.” Noting the incredible work ethic at the Ukrainian Consulate, where workers are non-stop processing paperwork for Ukrainians, Farrell pointed out that the U.S. consulate does not have any available appointments until July. 


Upon receiving millions of refugees, Poland has been welcoming their neighbors with some remembering “all too well the events of WWII” as they unfolded in Poland. Still, Farrell said, Poland is “worried about the longevity of the crisis” and the ability for them to sustain support for the overwhelming number of refugees. 

Remaining committed to getting the orphans to safety, Farrell vowed to stay by their side and advocate for them as long as it takes. Having adopted one Ukrainian child herself, Farrell called the orphans her children as well knowing that they need her help. The mission of her nonprofit, 1U Project, is to serve “alongside our Ukrainian brothers and sisters in Christ to encourage them, pray for them, and provide needed assistance so that they can effectively pour the love of Christ into the lives of those they serve.” Quoted on her website is John 3:18, “Dear children, let us not love with words or tongue but with actions and in truth.” 


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