MLB Grants All-Star Wishes for Three Boys From the Make-a-Wish Foundation

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Three boys from the Make-a-Wish Foundation had their dreams come true at Major League Baseball’s All-Star Game weekend in Los Angeles, according to MLB. The three boys, Brody who is 6 years old from Illinois, Bryan who is 17 years old from New York, and Ethan who is 17 years old from Texas, all used their special wish to attend the 2022 Midsummer Classic on Tuesday at Dodger Stadium. Greeted by three All-Star players and several MLB team mascots, the boys enjoyed a weekend full of baseball festivities and once-in-a-lifetime experiences. 

The boys’ weekend kicked off with an extra special surprise visit from right-hander Taj Bradley of the Rays organization, catcher Logan O’Hoppe of the Phillies, and second baseman Darren Baker of the Nationals, who personally handed each of the children their own All-Star gifts including a bat, a ball, ASG-branded caps and shirts, and a custom replica of their favorite hometown team’s 2022 All-Star uniform. The Dodgers vice president of external affairs and community relations Naomi Rodriguez shared that the MLB and Dodgers find it their privilege to be able to invite the families of the children from the Make-a-Wish Foundation into their home, noting that “the Dodgers’ story is not complete without our community. These kids and these families in there, they’re part of our community.”


According to MLB, the organization and its clubs have been working with the Make-a-Wish Foundation since 1980, granting wishes for children, donating tickets, and raising money for local chapters. The Make-a-Wish Foundation was founded to grant the wish of every child with a critical illness. When a child’s wish comes true, it makes them believe that anything is possible and helps them find their strength to fight harder against their illnesses. Make-a-Wish reports that 87 percent of alumni say their wish “was a turning point in their treatment,” and 99 percent of doctors say that it helps relieve the stress experienced by families. 

As special guests at the MLB All-Star Game, Brody, Bryan, and Ethan have experienced an extravaganza beyond their dreams. From meeting All-Star baseball players, to attending the weekend’s events and bringing home impressive memorabilia, the boys had their wishes fulfilled and more. Through their collaboration with the Make-a-Wish Foundation, MLB was able to give hope to all children that any dream they hold in their heart can one day come true. 


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