Music Academy Brings Hope to Struggling Community

Credit: Post Road Music Academy

Eugene Strader Jr. is lifting the spirits of those in his community through the joy of music. While much of the news from his neighborhood is overwhelmingly negative, Strader is bringing positivity to the community by teaching music. According to FOX 59, the Post Road Music Academy, which developed inside the Emmanuel Christian Fellowship Church, is changing the lives of students who are learning how to play an instrument. Discovering their talents, students of the school are inspired to work hard advancing their skills and look forward to setting goals for their future. 

As an accomplished musician himself, Strader is an exceptional role model for students who are learning from him. Strader has played all over the world with the Marine Corps band, and popular musicians including R&B legend Al Green. Founding and directing the Post Road Music Academy, Strader is sharing his musical life and accomplishments with students who admire his skills and are encouraged by his stories. Strader suggests that providing the opportunity for community members to enjoy a positive experience may give them new perspectives, different opportunities, and possibly turn their lives around. 


At the Post Road Music Academy, their belief is that no one is ever too old to learn an instrument. They state that music education “can generate new life and new meaning to a forgotten neighborhood.” With some schools no longer offering music programs, the Academy is filling the void and opening the doors to the dreams aspiring musicians may have for their future. Students of the program have shared that it makes them feel good and feel happy. They set goals for themselves and work hard taking their musical talents to the next level. Strader encourages his students to dream and shares that you never know if these lessons will make a student a national recording artist someday, or even take them to the Grammy’s. 

The Post Road Music Academy is changing the lives of so many people who need hope, positivity, and encouragement. Not only are students of the Academy learning new skills and discovering their talents together, they are also bonding over their interest in music. The universal language of music has no boundaries, and sharing in its joy and beauty unites students in their creativity and success. Setting goals and working hard is part of the recipe for success, and as an accomplished musician with inspirational stories, Strader is encouraging his students by ensuring that they know no star is ever out of reach. 


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