NBA Star Explains How the Gospel, Not a Political Movement, is the Answer to Problems

Credit: Jonathan Isaac

In an interview with The Christian Post, NBA star Jonathan Isaac shared how he finds his strength through God to stand for what he believes in and points to the Gospel as the answer to the problems people face in their lives. After refusing to kneel during the National Anthem or wear a Black Lives Matter shirt, the only player in the NBA bubble to do so, Isaac set an example to inspire others to find their hope in God rather than a political movement. Standing up for his beliefs, Isaac is bringing a strength to the sports arena that illuminates the power of God and the Gospel to help find the right message to improve one’s life and make a difference.

In response to the backlash for “defying the crowd” when NBA players boasted Black Lives Matter slogans and kneeling during the National Anthem, Isaac explained that “the Gospel, and not a political movement, is the answer to prejudice, racial unrest and pain.” He added that he believes “Jesus Christ is the answer to all the world’s problems,” noting that “any political structure or ideology doesn’t, in itself, have the necessary tools for salvation, which [he believes] ultimately is what everybody needs.” 


Isaac admitted that he sees issues such as racism “plague the heart of men,” but asserted that following God and listening to the Gospel “is what changes the hearts of men.” He noted forgiveness, explaining that “if we can choose to love people the way that God loves us…and we can choose to forgive people the way that God forgives us…we can have the real change that everyone is aiming to get…” 

Growing in his faith himself, Isaac shared that the journey standing for his faith has not been easy at times, especially after receiving great backlash for his positions. Still, he continues to stand strong for his beliefs noting that he has the “right people” around him that support him, and he has the confidence and courage to stand for his beliefs just as everyone else does. Knowing that he is a role model for kids, Isaac is conscious of setting a positive example for them and sharing the message with them that God has plans for everyone and all can find hope and peace in God. 


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