New Faith-Based Podcast Reaches 10 Million Downloads in Just Four Months

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Jack Graham, pastor at Prestonwood Baptist Church, has reached an incredible milestone attaining 10 million downloads after just four months of launching his podcast, “Bible in a Year with Jack Graham.” According to CBN News, Graham’s podcast has been a hit since its launch. In just the first week of its release, Graham’s podcast reached No. 1 on the Spotify religion list. hosts the podcast which is produced in collaboration with iHeartPodcasts and sponsored by Medi-Share. 

Inspired by stories from the Bible, Graham has released devotionals including, but not limited to, topics covering ‘The Creation,’ ‘Adam and Eve,’ ‘Noah and the Ark,’ and ‘The Tree That Gives Knowledge.’ The founder and CEO of, Steve Gatena, shared his gratitude for Graham’s dedication to the project and the efforts of him and his team for making the podcast “such great quality for listeners.” 


According to, the purpose of the podcast is to help listeners “master wisdom from the world’s greatest book.” Each episode gives listeners the opportunity to “apply biblical principles to everyday life.” The stories of the Bible are told alongside inspirational commentary and orchestral music to help bring them to life, engaging listeners in an easy-to-understand format. 

Graham shared, “I wasn’t sure what to expect when we first launched the podcast, but it’s been amazing to see what God has done. Millions of people have been impacted by it […] With its cinematic approach, even those who have struggled to make a habit of getting into the word, are coming back day after day. I’m so grateful for and the amazing work they’ve done on this project, and I pray touches many more millions of lives.”


Praising God for how has been used as a “tool” for reaching people with God’s Word and helping them grow their faith, Gatena is grateful for Graham’s work among others. ‘Bible in a Year with Jack Graham’ joins several other Christian podcasts hosted by and distributed by iHeartPodcasts. As more faith-based podcasts continue to join these platforms, more people will hear the message of God’s love and develop a relationship with Him that can change their lives. 

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