New Head Coach for LA Lakers Shares Inspirational Message About His Strong Faith

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The new head coach for the Los Angeles Lakers, Darvin Ham, shared his strong belief in God while discussing his Christian faith in his first press conference, according to Faithwire. Ham also shared an uplifting message many may need to hear that one must put their faith in God and trust His timing. Noting that he has been passed up by other teams, Ham explained that he is thankful he did not get chosen to join them because it would have meant this opportunity to coach the Lakers may not have come. 

Ham explained that he knows he is exactly where God wants him to be right now. He shared that “I put my faith in God. He’s the master of all plans,” before going to thank the teams that passed him up which has allowed him to be where he needs to be for his new team. Ham credits being able to overcome challenges to his devout faith because of the “spirit that was instilled” in him when he was younger. He added that his mindset and advice would be if one sought out opportunity is not successful, keep trying hard to get better and try new things. 


According to Faithwire, Ham has played in the NBA for eight years, from 1996 through 2008, and served as assistant coach to the Lakers from 2011 through 2013 before changing to other teams. He also served five seasons as an assistant with the Atlanta Hawks until 2018, and his latest work up until now has been with the Milwaukee Bucks as assistant coach. 

Ham’s message is inspirational to a number of people who likely have faced challenges or setbacks in their lives. Pointing people towards God, Ham is motivating them to put their faith in God and believe in His plans, adding that “timing is everything.” Seizing every opportunity with optimism and faith, Ham suggests, is part of the journey that helps us get to where we need to be to do what we need to do. With Ham as head coach for the Lakers, the team will likely receive his positive and encouraging messages that will help them grow and improve as both individuals and as a team. 


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