New Mexico Church Gives Over 5,000 Christmas Gifts to Children in Need

Credit: shutterstock

Calvary Church in New Mexico is showing others the real meaning of Christmas by giving to those in need. According to CBN News, helping their community by providing more than 5,000 gifts to nearly 2,500 at-risk children, church members have embraced the season of giving as it is meant to be. An annual tradition since 2014, the toy drive brings Christmas joy to underprivileged children, helping to brighten their holiday and remind them that they are loved. 

According to CBN News, Pastor Skip Heitzig shared that “we are tangibly showing the love of our Savior to people, which is what it’s all about […] It’s a good time to give to people and to show them there’s a God in heaven who knows them by name and individually. It’s our privilege to do this.”


Referencing God’s generosity, Heitzig further explained that church members are “actively practicing” their faith which motivates them to give in this way to their community. In addition to hosting the toy drive for children, the church also $250,000 to help feed families facing economic hardship. 

The kindness shown to families in need this time of year can change their lives. While just a smile goes a long way, giving a gift for someone to open goes even further as it serves as a reminder that they are thought of, loved, and cared for. Children especially feel the love from others, and though a toy may be temporary, the joy that fills their heart on Christmas is what stays with them forever. With the Christmas season nearly over, Calvary Church is reminding all of what the season means and how it never really ends when generous people continue to give throughout the year. 


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