New York City Considers Shutting Down Streets to House Thousands of Expected ‘Asylum Seekers’

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New York, New York. Everyone wants to be a part of it. Especially the thousands of “asylum seekers” being welcomed to the sanctuary city. According to Fox News, New York City has maxed out the space available in shelters, but the surge of migrants who will arrive after Title 42 will still need shelter. A spokesperson for City Hall told Fox News that officials are considering everything, including shutting down the streets of New York City to house the “asylum seekers.”

New York City Mayor Eric Adams’ press secretary Fabien Levy said “we have reached our limit of new shelters that we can open right now, and we currently have no other option but to temporarily house recent arrivals in gyms…this weekend alone, we received hundreds of asylum-seekers every day, and with Title 42 set to be lifted this week, we expect more to arrive in our city daily. We are considering a multitude of options, but, as we’ve been saying for a year, we desperately need federal and state support to manage this crisis.”


According to a memo obtained by CBS2, 800 “asylum seekers” could arrive in New York City each day, swelling the already overwhelming head count of 61,000 to a quick 100,000 by the next fiscal year. New York Governor Kathy Hochul (D) declared a disaster emergency to “boost support for migrants” by mobilizing an additional 500 members of the National Guard, bringing the total number mobilized to 1,500.

New York City could soon be seeing its streets filled with rehabilitated shipping containers to house migrants. Cruise ships and schools were also floated as ideas for housing migrants for their access to kitchens and dining facilities. Officials in upstate New York counties had little notice that hundreds of “asylum seekers” may also be bussed to their area. In response to whether or not these migrants who will be housed on the streets or in the school’s of New York City will be vetted, Mayor Eric Adams said that he does not know. 


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