New York Pastors Save Over 150 Lives Opening Church During Historic Blizzard

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Pastors Al and Vivian Robinson, a husband and wife couple who minister at Spirit of Truth Urban Ministry in Buffalo, New York, have saved more than 150 lives during a historic and dangerous blizzard. According to CBN News, the Robinson’s felt God was calling them to open their church doors during the storm, and in doing so, they welcomed people who were nearly frozen from getting stuck in the harsh, deadly weather. After alerting the community that their doors were open, families and people in desperate need for a safe haven started arriving.

The Robinson’s were fortunately prepared to host more than 150 people in their church with all the provisions necessary. According to The Christian Post, the couple had gathered two weeks worth of food to feed their large family for the holidays, and that food ended up being a blessing for the people who sought shelter in their church. They also had several beds available and blankets to help comfort their visitors and give them a place to rest.


One mother who got stuck in the storm going home from work sought refuge at the church with her family who came to find her and ended up getting their car stuck too. Nikki Tompkins-Ray and her family are calling it a “Christmas miracle.” After being trapped in their car, they knew they needed to get out. Upon learning through social media that the church doors were open, they used their GPS to struggle through the wind and snow of the blizzard and eventually made it to the church. Tompkins-Ray shared that she was suffering from “the early stages of frostbite” with her pants frozen to her skin.

Pastor Al Robinson said in an interview with The Christian Post, “we did this to show the glory of God. We wanted people to see embers turning to a roaring inferno of light of Jesus Christ […] We wanted people to see the light of Christ, the love of Christ. It’s just we’re His hands and feet. That’s all we are.”


Opening their church doors during the historic and catastrophic storm, the Robinson’s saved lives. Through the power of prayer and another one of God’s miracles, those who were in desperate need of shelter found it and survived. The Robinson’s are asking for prayers for the people who did not survive the storm and for their families. 

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