NFL Quarterback Inspires Young Athletes by Stressing the Importance of Faith

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On Tauren Wells’ podcast ‘The High Note,’ Las Vegas Raiders quarterback Derek Carr shared how his strong Christian faith has been number one to him since being a young child and how his faith continues to be prevalent in his life today, according to The Christian Post. Carr’s personal stories about the role faith plays in his life are encouraging to young athletes today who are navigating the demands of their sports. Remembering the importance of faith and keeping it prevalent in one’s life is part of what builds confidence, motivation, and pride in young athletes as they never let go of the Lord’s guidance throughout all of their endeavors. 

Carr’s faithful advice that church comes first is inspiring to young athletes who may face the pressure of skipping church to go to a game or practice that is on a Sunday. He shared, “If there was a game on Sunday, as a kid, we always told my traveling coach, ‘I’m not gonna be there, I’m gonna be at church.’ They [my parents] made the priorities, the priorities. And it worked out for me; I made it to the NFL. So all these moms and dads that say, ‘No, we have to go to your games at 8 years old,’ you know, ‘it’s OK to miss one.’”


Since personally accepting Jesus while in college, Carr has grown in his faith even more and is also not afraid of sharing it with others. In his interview, he shared that he prays for others when he feels they need a prayer. For example, he prayed with a woman photographer at a golf tournament who was walking with a limp. After saying a prayer with her, the woman shared with him that she felt no pain in the three and a half hours that she was working the event, and expressed her gratitude for Carr’s thoughtfulness and prayers. 

Carr explained that he sees the triumph of faith as the real victory regardless of the outcomes of any game. His strong belief in the power of prayer is an example for others who may need to be reminded of the blessing of God’s love. Remembering to pray, to go to church, and to keep one’s faith alive and present can give young athletes the confidence and encouragement to do what they feel is right in their hearts as they move forward in their athletic careers. 


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