NFL Star Demario Davis Shares the Importance of Faith Ahead of Super Bowl Breakfast

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NFL star Demario Davis from the New Orleans Saints shared how his strong belief in faith supports him on the football field in an interview with CBN News. The interview comes just before the Super Bowl Breakfast where the Bart Starr Award is presented to a football player who has embodied being a positive role model for his family, team, and community. Davis received the award last year at the 2021 Super Bowl Breakfast.

Davis explained that the Super Bowl Breakfast is not just about the game, but reflects “a life of faith, a life of family and of football.” He shared that receiving the award was an incredible honor and a privilege to be recognized by his peers, coaches, and other members of the NFL. Davis added that the honor is most reflective of “the kingdom” and serving the Lord through good works. Davis’ wife Tamela shared that she sees her husband read the Bible every morning and constantly seek God in every area of his life, especially serving their family. 


In 2019, Davis experienced an attempt to censor his faith on the field when the NFL fined him $7,000 for wearing a headband with the words, “Man of God” underneath his helmet. The NFL eventually dropped the case, but a “Man of God” movement had begun in support of Davis. As a result of the movement, Davis used its popularity to raise money for a local hospital by selling the headbands for donations.

Davis told CBN, “when you just trust God and you lean into him, he’ll make everything else work out the way that it’s supposed to…That doesn’t always mean it’s gonna be honky dory, it’s always gonna be nice, and you’re always gonna have this amazing award-winning type of thing happen. It just means it’s gonna work out in your favor in the end.”


The 2022 Super Bowl Breakfast will honor NFL player Russell Wilson of the Seattle Seahawks. The event is sponsored by Athletes in Action, a ministry that helps athletic communities build their faith and form a strong relationship with God. The one-hour event will be televised by CBN this weekend and will include a presentation of the Bible as well as spreading “messages of hope.” 

Role models like Demario Davis are incredibly valuable in sports where star players make a tremendous impact on their fans. Aspiring athletes are likely to encounter many challenges and times of discouragement, but following in the footsteps of someone who provides a great example for handling life’s obstacles is an ingredient for success. Recognizing the role of faith in family, teamwork, and community makes the Super Bowl Breakfast a special event that will make a difference in the lives of those who embrace its message and the encouraging example from the athletes who are honored. 

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