Nobel Prize Winner Auctions Medal for $103.5 Million to Help Ukrainian Children

Credit: Shutterstock

Nobel Peace Prize winner Russian journalist Dmitry Muratov recently auctioned off his medal for $103.5 million to raise money for Ukrainian refugee children, according to CBN News. Concerned about the well-being of children who have been forced to flee their homeland of Ukraine in the aftermath of Russia’s invasion, Muratov is donating the proceeds to UNICEF to support their efforts helping the children. 

According to CBN News, Muratov received the Nobel Peace Prize for his fight to preserve free speech in Russia, “despite coming under attack by harassment, their governments, and even death threats.” CBN News reports that “independent journalists in Russia have come under scrutiny by the Kremlin, if not outright targets of the government. Since Putin came into power more than two decades ago, nearly two dozen journalists have been killed, including at least four who had worked for Muratov’s newspaper.” Still, Muratov has been an outspoken critic of Russia’s 2014 annexation of Crimea and their invasion in February earlier this year. 


The proceeds from the sale of Muratov’s medal are going to UNICEF for their special support of Ukrainian refugee families. UNICEF is an organization that works around the world to protect children in desperate situations. Since Russia’s invasion, UNICEF has been on the ground providing aid and assistance to families in Ukraine who are at a heightened risk of danger as they try to flee their country. According to their website, “UNICEF is working with partners to reach vulnerable children and families with essential services – including health, education, protection, water and sanitation – as well as life-saving supplies.”

Muratov’s humanitarian assistance exceeds his reputation for the incredible work he has already done that earned him his Nobel Peace Prize in the first place. His passion for freedom and helping children gives hope to all who need encouragement and motivation to move forward. His donation of over $100 million is going to make a tremendous difference in the lives of Ukrainian children and their families as they continue to fight for their lives, their freedom, and their future. 


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