Nonprofit Helps Young Mothers Achieve College Degrees

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New Moms, a Chicago-based nonprofit that helps young moms “take powerful first steps toward economic mobility and family well-being,” is partnering with the City Colleges of Chicago to try a pilot program to help the young women attain their degrees. According to Fox News, the New Moms Academic Coaching Program will help young mothers complete their education, creating more economic opportunities and stability as they raise their children. 

The program is funded by the ECMC Foundation, and the state of Illinois, to help 25 mothers who will receive “a monthly stipend of $500 in addition to family support services, including child care and individual coaching, while they earn their associate degree or any long-term certificates.” With only 8% of single mother students completing an Associate degree within six years, this program aims to raise that number. According to New Moms, “single mothers in Illinois holding an Associate or Bachelor degree are 45% & 67% less likely, respectively, to live in poverty than high school graduates.” 


The Director of Development and Communications for New Moms, Jenna Hammond, shared with Fox News that the program is significant as it will create more job opportunities that will allow young mothers to plan for a better future with more possibilities. Having economic stability will relieve some of the stress these young mothers may feel which will make a positive impact on their families and family life. Women helped by New Moms have shared their testimonials of the inspiration, motivation, and encouragement that they have found through working with the organization. One mother shared that she felt scared before having her baby, but with the help from New Moms, she felt confident that she could provide for her child while working towards her new life. 

Through helping young moms, New Moms is strengthening families and communities with encouragement and support that is bringing more positivity and optimism into their lives. With housing, job training, and family support services, young mothers may be relieved of some of the anxiety they face with the pressures they have to meet the different demands in their lives. Setting goals and having support reaching them is an effective approach that New Moms has committed themselves to in making their organization’s mission successful.


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