Nonprofit Organizes Unique Experiences to Bring Hope and Joy to Teen Cancer Patients

Credit: Shedneck Foundation

Founded by Jim O’Farrell in 2020, the Shedneck Foundation is bringing adventure, hope, and love to teenage cancer patients in the Plymouth-Canton community of Michigan. According to Hometown Life, as an executive in the logistics industry, O’Farrell wanted to do something “deeper” with his life and upon recognizing the need for support services for teen cancer patients, he began organizing the nonprofit with compassionate individuals like himself who wanted to help give a giant dose of happiness to teens battling cancer. By providing fun experiences for ‘warriors’ and their friends and families, the Shedneck Foundation is helping them forget about their worries, even if it is just for a moment in time. 

According to Hometown Life, “to connect with those who could benefit from opportunities offered by the Shedneck Foundation, O’Farrell works closely with the ­Adolescent and Young Adult Oncology Program at the Rogel Cancer Center at University of Michigan Health in Ann Arbor, where a social worker helps to identify patients from the Plymouth-Canton community.” Most importantly, the Shedneck Foundation ensures that the activities set up for the ‘warriors’ are strongly related to their interests and the foundation is dedicated to working with local businesses to make it all possible. 


The foundation offers two options the teens can choose from including either “A Day Away” or “A Night Out.” Choosing “A Day Away” may be that they attend a professional or college sports game, go on a fishing trip, or enjoy a day at a spa, the mall, the zoo, museums, or other fun places.  “A Night Out” may be to have an elegant dinner and movie, or go to a theater or a concert. Regardless, the Shedneck Foundation provides the funding for the teen and their family or friends to enjoy the special experience. 

The mission of the Shedneck Foundation is to unite the community in an effort to give back and make a difference in the lives of those facing a struggle. When a special event is organized for a ‘warrior,’ the gift it gives goes beyond the experience and into their hearts and minds with the compassion others have shown them. The opportunity to forget about one’s struggle allows for rejuvenation and restores hope that more wonderful experiences await them in the future. 


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