NY Police Officer Gets Nickname ‘Baby Whisperer’ After Delivering Fifth Baby

Credit: shutterstock

A Suffolk County Police Officer from Long Island, New York has been nicknamed the “Baby Whisperer” since delivering his fifth baby while on duty. According to the Long Island Press, Suffolk County Police Sgt. Jon-Erik Negron, has gained national attention for helping to deliver babies five times in the last five years on the job. Negron was recently a guest on The Jennifer Hudson Show where he described his experience.  

Negron explained that although he had to learn how to deliver a baby while in the police academy, he never expected he would have to do it, not even once. Negron told Hudson, “Me and my buddies were seeing the video [that the police academy shows] you about delivering a baby and what you would do in a situation like that, and we were like, ‘Nah, we’re not gonna deliver a baby, it’ll never happen […] and the Suffolk Police academy instructor is like, ‘It happens. It might be you.’ I didn’t think it would be five times, but it did.”


Negron’s first delivery experience was in 2017 where a baby that had just been born but wasn’t breathing needed his help. Negron saved the baby’s life by suctioning his airways. The parents were so grateful for Negron that they even made him the baby’s godfather. And, just a few weeks ago on November 26, Negron successfully delivered a baby alongside paramedics for a woman who could not make it to the hospital. 

Negron is a special officer who makes the police department and Long Islanders proud. Answering the call to duty, including bringing life into the world, Negron is a hero to those he has helped and those he will help in the future. An example of what it means to serve one’s community, Negron is reminding all why we should be grateful for our extraordinary police officers who do whatever needs to be done to save a life.


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