NYC Democrats Beg Biden For Help as Migrants Flood Streets

Credit: shutterstock

New York City Democrats are begging President Biden to declare a “state of emergency” as migrants who have crossed the border are now taking over the city’s streets. According to Breitbart, Manhattan hotels that have offered to house migrants have been running out of space, causing chaos outside the hotels and the need for amped up security. With more than 90,000 migrants having arrived in New York City since the spring of last year, 54 Democrats are asking the Biden administration for financial assistance and to allow the migrants to take American jobs. 

New York City Mayor Eric Adams (D) has even begun distributing fliers at the border warning them against traveling to the city, citing “a lack of housing and resources.” Breitbart reports that “every day, illegal immigration is costing New Yorkers nearly $8 million, and by the middle of next year, Adams predicts it will have cost more than $4.2 billion.”


One hotel that is at capacity and seeing migrants stay right outside their door is the Roosevelt Hotel. Police have had to increase their presence after migrants tried rushing the doors and according to tweets posted by Viral News NYC. 

Residents of New York City are concerned about security as unvetted migrants are settling around their homes and neighborhoods, as Adams proposes alternative housing locations. Breitbart reports that, “residents in Queens including Bernard Chow running for the City Council, protested against proposed plans by Adams to house 1,000 male migrants in the Creedmoor Psychiatric Center by building a tent city.”


Protestors have rallied in opposition to different proposals including the new locations for migrants and the redistribution of funds. Adams has said that funds will be taken away from public services such as meals for senior citizens and cutting library hours to fulfill the needs of migrants. 

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