Operation Blessing Arrives in Texas Providing Aid As Wildfires Rage

Credit: Operation Blessing/Facebook

CBN’s Operation Blessing has arrived in Texas to provide humanitarian aid and assistance as wildfires continue to blaze through the Texas panhandle. CBN News reports the Smokehouse Creek Fire, the largest wildfire currently threatening the state, has reached more than 1 million acres, destroying ranches and homes. The fire has become the largest in Texas history, and second largest in U.S. history, according to the West Odessa Volunteer Fire Department. 

The loss of livestock, homes, crops, and wildlife has devastated the affected areas in Texas. At least two people have tragically died from the wildfire. The blaze had taken many by surprise as it tore through acre after acre at phenomenal speed. One resident, Jerry Harrah, shared that he barely escaped the fire as he suddenly saw flames across the street from him. Harrah said that he got burnt just trying to flee the area. 


Operation Blessing is on site preparing a base to operate disaster relief and aid distribution, including food provisions to help people in need. The organization is handing out sandwiches as they await the arrival of a mobile kitchen.

Prayers for the people of Texas are being said across the country to relieve their suffering and bring an end to the catastrophic wildfires. One resident shared that they found their prayers answered as snowfall arrived with a drop in the temperature in one location. Much of the affected areas are still praying for relief as most of the fire is not contained at this point leaving a path of death and destruction in its wake. Prepared to serve the people of Texas, the team of Operation Blessing has been sent as an answer to prayers as they establish their base to respond to the need relief and assistance. 


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