Operation Blessing Builds Water Filtration System for Typhoon Rai Survivors

Credit: Shutterstock

CBN’s Operation Blessing has established clean drinking for more than 90 families in the central Philippines who were impacted by the devastating Typhoon Rai that hit the island in December. According to CBN, in the wake of the typhoon, residents were left with contaminated drinking water making the already tragic situation even worse. With no electricity, having clean water to drink seemed out of reach for residents, including Pastor Reyson Navarro who experienced repeated tragedies since the typhoon. His prayers were answered, however, when a volunteer, Ryan del Barrio, from Operation Blessing set up water filtration stations in the area. 

Ryan del Barrio gave up spending Christmas with his family to be with the victims of the typhoon and relieve the pain and anxiety they were facing with the contaminated drinking water. Pastor Reyson was one of many who experienced the life-threatening conditions of having to drink dirty water. He shared with CBN that he had suddenly fainted due to severe diarrhea. Pastor Reyson also explained that pitchers of drinking water were being sold at three times the regular price, but doubts were high that the water was pure due to the fact that the islands still had no electricity. The water filtration system set up by del Barrio supplies “an average of 1,700 liters of clean water per day to more than 90 families.” The nearby residents all lined up for the clean drinking water, grateful to have one less thing to worry about and to be able to hydrate their families and themselves. 


According to Fox News, the typhoon devastated the island with torrential rain and powerful winds that resulted in tremendous damage to buildings and power lines. Though thousands of people were evacuated to safety, many villages were devastated by the destruction left in the typhoon’s path. Located in what is known as the “Ring of Fire,” the Philippines is prone to natural disasters. 

The humanitarian organization, Operation Blessing, immediately sent team members to the central Philippines bringing relief aid to residents who suffered from the typhoon. By coordinating with the Philippine Armed Forces, local government units, and church partners, Operation Blessing brought and distributed food bags with rice, noodles, canned goods, water, and coffee, along with Bibles, mats, and blankets. Arriving at Christmastime, Operation Blessing not only brought relief, but much needed hope to the victims of Typhoon Rai. Now, thanks to the water filtration system and the continued work of Operation Blessing, residents can focus more on rebuilding and recovery efforts.


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