Organizations Across America Celebrate National Hire a Veteran Day

Credit: Hiring Our Heroes

Established in 2017 and observed on July 25, National Hire a Veteran Day is being celebrated across the country in honor of our nation’s bravest. Organizations across the country are reminded today of the importance of giving back to our heroes who sacrificed for our country by graciously welcoming them back into civilian life and the workforce. As veterans transition from military to civilian life, it is essential that they are supported and respected for their service and the skills they acquired through their experiences in the military. 

According to, National Hire a Veteran Day was established in 2017 by Marine Corps Veteran and Hire Our Heroes founder Dan Caporale as a “call to action” for companies and to “encourage veteran job applicants.” Hire Our Heroes helps employers recruit veterans by offering hiring events, fellowship programs, education and networking, Military Spouse Economic Empowerment Zones, and programs for well-being in the workplace. Companies that hire veterans may qualify for a HIRE Vets Medallion Award, a program established by the Honoring Investments in Recruiting and Employing American Military Veterans Act (HIRE Vets Act), for the recognition of a company’s “commitment to veteran hiring, retention, and professional development.”


America’s Warrior Partnership is a nonprofit organization that works to prevent veteran suicide by partnering with communities and local organizations that assist in job placement while recognizing the unique needs of each veteran, according to Fox News. America’s Warrior Partnership aims to advocate for veterans, their families and caregivers by ensuring they receive support in their communities, as well as to connect communities with the necessary resources for supporting their veterans, to collaborate with veterans to create a successful plan, and to educate veterans of the opportunities available to them as well as educating communities about the needs and value of veterans. According to their website, the nonprofit has more than 250 national collaborators, has served over 2,900 veterans in 2021 alone, and has a 93% case success rate. 

Supporting our nation’s heroes who have returned from service to our country is vital in helping them readjust to civilian life with the best opportunities available to them. Though the task of finding jobs may be daunting for veterans, they should know that they have support from coast to coast by people and companies who appreciate them and value their unique skills. This nationally recognized day that honors veterans reminds all that though we may not be able to match their sacrifice, there is still much we can do to show our nation’s heroes our respect and gratitude. 


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