‘Orphan’s Promise’ Aids Ukrainian Refugee Children at Training Center in Warsaw, Poland

Credit: Orphan's Promise

Ukrainian refugees are receiving humanitarian aid at CBN’s Orphan’s Promise training center in Warsaw, Poland. According to CBN News, after fleeing their country in the aftermath of Russia’s invasion, the refugees welcomed at the training center are being provided with food, education, and the gospel. Thanks to Orphan’s Promise and Operation Blessing, the ministries were able to help families, mostly women and children, find refuge and relief. 

According to Natasha Boom, Orphan’s Promise regional project manager for Europe, 150 Ukrainian refugee children will be able to be assisted every day at the training center. After their lives were uprooted upon fleeing their homeland, the CBN ministries are ensuring that the children do not go without food, education, and the gospel. 


Boom explained that their staff arrived in Warsaw, Poland seven years ago with no particular reason other than feeling that it was their calling. Now that they are there, the ministries have been able to meet a great need and are hopeful to meet more as they expand their services. According to CBN News, Orphan’s Promise is preparing a new educational center for Ukrainian children to teach Polish lessons and provide after-school clubs to prevent the children from falling behind. 

With the help of Orphan’s Promise, Ukrainian refugee children will be supported in Poland. Though Orphan’s Promise has been in Warsaw, Poland for a few years, the demand for help has increased as more children have arrived. As the staff with Orphan’s Promise continues to respond to the needs of Ukrainian refugees, they are among the many blessings giving hope to those who desperately need it as they continue on their journey to safety and refuge. 


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