‘Orphan’s Promise’ Helps Feed Ukrainians, Refugees Through Agricultural Project

Credit: Orphan's Promise

Orphan’s Promise has been helping to feed Ukranians by teaching them how to harvest food themselves for over twenty years, and now their farms are helping to feed refugees fleeing the Eastern part of the country since Russia’s invasion, according to CBN News. Through their Something to Eat Every Day (SEED) project, Ukranians, including children, living in the poorest communities who have learned and continue to learn how to grow their own food, are using their farms to serve a greater need. 

According to Orphan’s Promise, the SEED project began with agriculture as they reached out to the poorest communities giving them the tools they needed to farm their land. Since then, SEED has grown to include other projects such as building water wells, providing education, and even helping “the start up of micro business.” The goal of SEED is to “break the cycle of poverty” by teaching communities how to provide for themselves. Mark Dijkens, the regional director of Orphan’s Promise, shared one success story where a disabled man was able to earn an income to support his family after receiving livestock from Orphan’s Promise. 


The success of the initiative has made a difference in the lives of Ukrainians since its beginning over twenty years ago. Though the war-torn nation has been experiencing turmoil and destruction since Russia’s invasion, Orphan’s Promise is continuing their work through the SEED project to ensure Ukrainians can maintain their farms, continue to take care of themselves, and provide aid to refugees. 

Reflecting on the work of the SEED project, Dijkens explained that its benefits are numerous and are not just limited to food. He shared that “the effect on the self-esteem of these families is huge. They believe in themselves again and feel like a valuable part of society. That is something incredible.” The shift in mentality that these communities have thanks to Orphan’s Promise and the SEED project has changed their lives and their futures. Now, not only have they become self-sufficient communities, they have also seen that their hard work and dedication is helping others in need.  


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