Orphan’s Promise Helps Syrian Refugee Children Through Education and Nutrition

Credit: Orphan's Promise

Syrian refugees are finding hope and faith through the work of CBN’s Orphan’s Promise, an organization that provides educational opportunities for children along with proper nutrition and discipleship. Through transforming communities, Orphan’s Promise helps bring strength to families and children. According to CBN, Orphan’s Promise has been working with Zarqa Baptist Church in Jordan helping Syrian refugee children where access to education is limited or does not exist. With their commitment to educating children, Orphan’s Promise is dedicated to changing their lives and setting them on a path towards a brighter and more successful future. 

CBN reports that there are about 650,000 Syrian refugees in Jordan, mostly made up of women and children. Without having an educational system, many children have been “left to roam the streets or find unofficial work in hopes to support their families.” Through Orphan’s Promise, 96 children who are enrolled in weekly classes are learning subjects that include Math, Science, Arabic, and English. Orphan’s Promise understands the value of an education as revealed in their statement that “education is the difference between failure and success. It is the difference between poverty and plenty. Without an education, jobs are hard to come by, and without a job, a mother or father cannot feed their children.” 


Students in the program also receive nutritious meals to help them grow and focus on their studies. Eating well makes a positive impact on student achievement and progress as their bodies and minds are fueled with energy-building food. The meals provided by Orphan’s Promise gives children even more opportunities as their health and happiness improves. 

Orphan’s Promise was founded by Terry Meeuwsen from Wisconsin who used her platform of Miss America 1973 to “share her faith” and eventually followed her passion to the Christian Broadcasting Network (CBN). Terry and her husband, Andy, have seven children including five adopted children. In 2006, they launched Orphan’s Promise as CBN’s “ministry to children around the world.” Their mission to bring strength and faith to children in need has been successful as many children have thrived with the help of Orphan’s Promise. 


Building strong communities, especially where children are vulnerable, drastically changes their lives. Eliminating threats that may come with poverty, Orphan’s Promise is preparing children for a future where they may find health, work, and happiness. Ultimately, sharing faith and praying together plays a significant role in lifting the spirits of those helped by Orphan’s Promise who need to feel God’s love and blessings as they continue advancing their achievements on their path towards success. 

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