Orphan’s Promise Opens New Center in Poland Spreading Faith, Love, and Hope to Ukrainian Refugees

Credit: Superbook

Orphan’s Promise, the children’s outreach of the Christian Broadcasting Network, has opened the first Orphan’s Promise Center in Poland, according to CBN News. Helping to provide some much-needed relief to Ukrainian refugees who have faced unspeakable tragedies, Orphan’s Promise offers a positive experience for children and their families to enjoy as they recover from the pain that has afflicted them since Russia’s invasion of their homeland. Orphan’s Promise is working on opening the new center with CBN’s ministries Operation Blessing and Superbook to ensure that the needs of those they are helping are met. 

Ukrainian mother Oksana Horbunova shared with CBN News the tragedies Ukrainians of every age have faced with the brutality of Russian troops. According to CBN News, “Horbunova says there is a tremendous need to help war victims overcome trauma and this is why she, church partners, and other humanitarian organizations are happy that CBN’s Orphan’s Promise is now in Poland.” Being in Poland now expands the reach of Orphan’s Promise to touch the hearts of children and families who are among those who need to feel God’s love the most. With Superbook, Orphan’s Promise is organizing crafts, games, and ways for kids to learn about Jesus which is bringing them hope and growing their faith. One mother shared that her kids were finally happy and laughing again. 


The Operations Director for Orphan’s Promise Nataliya Khomyak told CBN News, “I think God is using these circumstances to bring people to Him. He’s using us during this time to bring all these people who are lost, who lost everything. But they’re gonna find the Only thing that they need in life here is that relationship with Jesus.”

With CBN’s ministries fully mobilizing their efforts and working together, Ukrainian refugees are finding encouragement, hope, faith, and love through the compassion that is being shared with them from those who work with each ministry. With many mothers and children having fled to Poland, there has been a great need there for the new center opened by Orphan’s Promise. As mothers and children try to recover from the trauma they have faced, CBN’s ministries are helping them do so alongside God and the love shared by those who care. 


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