Over 1,000 Church Volunteers Work on School Beautification Projects Ahead of New Year

Credit: Northeast Christian Church

In Louisville, Kentucky, ten churches united to serve 40 local schools as they prepare to welcome students and faculty back to school, according to the Christian Standard. Organized annually by Northeast Christian Church, nine other churches joined in the work this year adding up to more than 1,000 volunteers. Called the “School Blitz,” the church volunteers go to different schools to work on what each school needs including beautification projects both on the grounds and in the school building. 

The churches encouraged their congregation to participate in the “School Blitz,” and some even changed their service to accommodate the event. According to the Christian Standard, “volunteers from some churches spread mulch, trimmed trees, pulled weeds, and spruced up school grounds. Others made teacher gift bags or refurbished teacher lounges. Some painted doors and striped parking lot spaces. One church held their worship service in the school parking lot and then served the needs of their school.”


Although each church worked on different projects and different schools, the goals for all were the same: to show love to their neighbors without any expectations in return and to achieve unity as one church community. School principals shared their gratitude for the kindness and generosity of the church volunteers who were doing these projects out of the goodness of their hearts and did not have any “strings attached” to their work. The Christian Standard reports that one principal said, “[I am] so thankful that a church would help my school be safe and clean, so that my kids can have a home away from home.”

Volunteers knew their mission, and that was to come together to share the Lord’s love with their community through acts of kindness and service that go a long way. One volunteer shared that it is “critical” that churches work together as a united force for good in support of one another and their community. Focusing on helping local schools, the church members showed their appreciation for teachers and faculty who care for their children each day of the school year, and taking the time to make a difference in their lives surely boosts the morale and spirit of the school employees who also give much back to the community. 


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