Parents Petition Disney+ Over New Show About Teen Girl Getting Pregnant With Satan’s Baby

Credit: shutterstock

Disney+ is continuing to make decisions not favorable to many parents who have been on edge with their controversial entertainment. According to CBN News, the latest addition currently in the works to add to their international streaming service is the German show ‘Pauline’ which features a teen girl who has a one-night-stand with the devil and gets pregnant. MovieGuide, a family-friendly entertainment organization, is working with Citizen-go to stop the series from being featured on Disney+. 

MovieGuide Chairman and Founder Ted Baehr is calling on parents to petition to stop the release of the show. Baehr issued a warning that such content will corrupt youth and romanticize associating with the devil and demons. 


“Let me be clear. Pauline is not just another piece of entertainment,” Baehr said. “Horrifically, this series even portrays Satan as a romantic partner! By normalizing and promoting such a relationship, Pauline sends a dangerous message to young viewers that associating with demons, Satan, and evil is acceptable and even desirable!”

Baehr continued, “If released, there will be millions of young viewers who may perceive this twisted and disturbing story as desirable and exciting…The show’s attempt to normalize and even promote demonic association is a blatant attempt to blur the lines of morality and make evil desirable.”


Despite the risk of losing money, Disney+ has pushed through with polarizing content before including ‘Strange World’ and ‘Buzz Lightyear,’ both of which featured same-sex romance. Although Baehr is urging Disney+ followers to pressure the platform not to release ‘Pauline,’ whether or not Disney+ listens to their concerns is uncertain. The company has recently been ruthlessly taking on opponents of their political agenda and there is not much to suggest that they have any plans of holding back in the future. 

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