Pastors Take Action in Response to ‘Drag Queen Story Hour’

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Pastors Dale Partridge and Michael Foster are taking action to give children and families a story hour that promotes Christian values instead of the ideas of a drag queen. According to CBN News, the growing popularity of Drag Queen Story Hour is also growing concerns and complaints. However, instead of just complaining about it, Foster pitched the idea on Twitter to offer an alternative, and Partridge responded agreeing to help. Pastor Story Hour has now become a reality, giving strength to Christian values in a world where many are being challenged. 

Frustrated with the “passivity” of those who simply complain but don’t actually do anything to stop what they don’t like, Foster had enough and took action of his own. Foster said, “It’s an opportunity for us to be out there and lead the way,” adding that “these corrupting influences are out there … because we’re not pushing back on it. This is a very simple way … to push back on evil in our day.” Foster even called out naysayers and their pessimism, noting that “As Christians, we should believe that the gates of hell will not prevail. Jesus has sent his church with a mission and equipped the church with the Holy Spirit to get that mission done.”


Partridge shared that he simply went to his local library and scheduled a time to conduct Pastor Story Hour. He chose his new children’s book, ‘Jesus and My Gender,’ which he said “amplified discussion.” Nearly 20 children attended Partridge’s first story hour, and many parents shared with him that they had an enjoyable experience. Foster had a similar experience with nearly 35 kids going to his first reading. 

Foster urges others to take up Pastor Story Hour and be the light that shines through the darkness. He explained that books selected for Pastor Story Hour do not necessarily need to be “a Christian book with a Gospel message every single time,” adding that the stories just need to be “an incredible story with a virtuous character.” 


As inappropriate influences on children are becoming more prominent all over society from schools to libraries to film, it is growing more important each and every day to protect children from being exposed to such material. Instead of simply complaining about what is being offered or trying to stop those with whom they disagree, Partridge and Foster have taken effective action to make their voices heard among all others. 

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