Pentagon Says Number of Leaked Documents Unknown, Warns More Are Circulating

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Deputy Press Secretary Sabrina Singh and other senior Pentagon officials have shared that the Department of Defense is uncertain of how many documents were leaked, and they are wary that more are unknown and continue to circulate. Breitbart reports that according to Singh, the Pentagon is working with the Department of Justice to locate and identify these documents. Not knowing what information may be compromised by leaks is leaving America vulnerable amid growing concerns for national security. 

Singh explained that the number of leaked documents on the Internet is still being assessed. The Pentagon is learning of new documents through the Justice Department, which Singh says is leading the investigation, and the media, which she says differs on the scope of the documents. Singh also implied that the Pentagon is trying to work directly with social media platforms to retrieve documents for review. 


In addition to working with the Justice Department and the media, Singh shared that the Pentagon is undertaking their own investigation through their Intelligence and Security department. This investigation is looking closer at the content of the specific documents that were exposed, and it is also looking specifically into where the documents surfaced online. 

In response to reporters asking whether the Department of Defense knows how many documents have been leaked, Singh responded, “At each time that, you know, we are culling through the documents that we get and as we get more, that number grows.” 


“Could this count grow? I mean, we’re still assessing that, we are still reviewing different posts that continue to surface online and working with — you know, working with online social media platforms to get those documents and to review them,” Singh added. 

Not knowing how many documents and the nature of them that are circulating around the Internet is severely concerning. With intelligence leaks, especially as tensions around the world are escalating, it could jeopardize the position of the United States, but not knowing what information is out there brings the recovery efforts to a new level. 


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