Petco Donates $1 Million to Support Animal Rescue Efforts in Ukraine

Credit: Petco Love

Petco is donating $1 million to provide humanitarian aid to pet shelters and rescue teams in Ukraine and its neighboring countries as many pets have been displaced in the wake of Russia’s invasion, according to a Petco press release. Through their nonprofit, Petco Love, the company is sending support to non-governmental organizations that have been working to save and support pets in the war-torn country. Providing immediate relief and remaining committed to long-term recovery efforts, Petco Love is supporting pet families, rescue teams, and animal shelters as they try to get pets to safety.

According to Susanne Kogut, the president of Petco Love, “It is devastating to see families seeking refuge as they leave areas afflicted by war. The entire Petco family is heartbroken by the suffering and touched by the love Ukrainians have for their pets, often carrying them as they flee their homes and country for safety. So as a company, we joined together to engage our teams and guests to help save pets and support Ukrainian pet parents affected by this war. It is with love that we commit $1 million in support for immediate relief and long-term recovery.”


The funding will support animal shelters across Ukraine and border refuge support centers in neighboring countries with “supplies, products, and veterinary care for family pets entering EU countries.” Petco Love has been working with animal shelters and rescue organizations in Ukraine since before the war started. Organizations receiving support from Petco Love include Humane Society International and FOUR PAWS International. 

Petco Love was founded in 1999 to support Petco’s commitment to animal welfare. Their mission is to create “a better world for animals and the people who love and need them.” Petco Love has a division devoted to disaster relief in which they have responded to wildfires, hurricanes, and other natural disasters in addition to the current crisis in Ukraine. Since their inception, Petco Love has invested $300 million in animal welfare and has “brought more than 6.5 million pets together with loving families.”


The crisis in Ukraine is affecting every family member, including pets. With Petco Love’s commitment to the welfare and rescue of pets, they hope to provide relief to families and “make a demonstrable difference in all their lives.” Petco Love remains dedicated to supporting animal shelters, rescue teams, and pet families as they deal with the war as it unfolds along with the long-term and future recovery efforts that will be needed. 

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