Plumber Partners With Church to Install Water Filtration Systems in East Palestine

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Residents of East Palestine, Ohio are still suffering from the aftermath of February’s toxic train derailment as the uncertainty about the safety of air and drinking water continues to weigh them down. However, according to CBN News, a pastor and a plumber are working to help relieve some of the concerns of residents by developing long-term solutions to sustain them and their community. Using an anonymous donation gifted to a local church, Zachary Shultz is working to install water filtration systems for homes in the affected area. 

While installing one of the 70 filtration systems, Schultz shared that he wants to make the water safe for families, though he explained that they are still seeking research to show that the water is in fact safe to drink.  


Pastor Ken Sevacko from Rogers Assembly of God said that the water filtration system provides a much needed long-term solution. Although residents of East Palestine have received tons of bottled water, they are still left with the uncertainty over the safety of their running water, which is used for a myriad of things from making baths, to washing dishes, to watering plants. 

One of the families getting the filter system, Sue and Randy Dunlap, explained that they do not drink much from their faucet water with the uncertainty about its safety. Even though they said that there is no guarantee that all harmful elements in the water will be removed through the filtration system, the Dunlap’s agreed that any protection was better than none. 


Many of the residents of East Palestine, Ohio have reportedly been left ill after the toxic train derailment. Although some have fled, many business owners and homeowners do not have the option of moving. Fearing the bad health effects of the train derailment, the people of East Palestine, Ohio are living with uncertainty and caution despite government officials claiming that the air and water are safe. 

Pastor Sevacko is uplifting his community with prayers that God will heal their land. Relying on faith brings strength to the community, and receiving any help at all, such as this filtration system, is showing that their prayers are being answered. 

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