Polish Churches Continue to Aid Ukrainian Refugees as Donations Decline

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Poland has been taking in millions of Ukrainian refugees since Russia’s invasion, and churches have met them right at the border of Poland and Ukraine ready to help meet their needs as they seek refuge. After visiting Poland earlier this month, Arielle Del Turco shared the incredible work she witnessed that was being done by churches in Poland. According to the Family Research Council, from helping mothers and children find work and childcare, to distributing essential items, churches have provided a safe haven for refugees in Poland, many of whom arrived with only what they could carry.

Del Turco described one church’s efforts in Warsaw who immediately rushed to the border of Ukraine to meet refugees once they heard of Russia’s invasion. With less than 100 members, Zoe Church has been sending vans loaded with supplies into Ukraine and coordinating with churches there for distribution. In Poland, Zoe Church is also “renting three apartments to house Ukrainian refugees and assisting them as they resettle and look for work,” noting the challenges the mothers face needing to find work while being the sole caretaker of their children since their husbands stayed behind to defend their country.


Another congregation, the First Baptist Church of Wroclaw in Western Poland has also made room to host refugees until they are able to find a more permanent residence. Pastor Michal Domalga told Del Turco that the church hosts 40-60 refugees, and Polish volunteers are helping them find jobs, complete paperwork and adjust to their lives in Poland. The church also has rooms full of supplies for refugees including clothes, toys, and baby items. With 300 members, the First Baptist Church is welcoming Ukrainian refugees and has been prepared for them since before the war started, holding services in the Ukrainian language for those who lived and worked in the city. 

Speaking with the pastors in Poland, Del Turco learned that “there is no shortage of people ready to volunteer.” Sadly, however, some have noticed a decline in donations since the war in Ukraine has seemingly become “the new normal” even as more refugees continue to flow into the country. One pastor asked Christians across the world to continue their prayers and pray that compassion, help, and generosity will continue to be given to Ukrainian refugees for as long as necessary. 


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