Poll Reveals Shocking Number of New Yorkers Now Struggling With Food Insecurity

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A new poll by No Kid Hungry New York has revealed that more New Yorkers are now struggling to put food on the table. According to Finger Lakes Daily News, three-fourths of adults found it harder to afford groceries over the past twelve months while two out of five adults now face severe food insecurity with some reportedly not eating in an entire day. For families with children in public school, more than one-fourth of them have shared their fear that they will not have enough food, and two in five families have had to choose between paying for food and other essentials such as rent or gas. 

New Yorkers who are considered middle class are also now struggling with food insecurity, having at least one symptom of the problem. Among the reasons many New Yorkers are struggling include a lack of money or other resources, and record high inflation. 


Rachel Sabella, director of No Kid Hungry New York, explained “What our neighbors across the state are experiencing should make any New Yorker angry. So many people are struggling—skipping meals, eating food that’s less healthy, and running out of food at home. The pressure on parents is especially alarming, with 40% forced to make impossible decisions like whether to buy food or keep the lights on,” adding that “the one silver lining is that New Yorkers are fired up. Nine in 10 of us want to see our elected officials move beyond partisan politics and prioritize ending child hunger. Now is the moment to invest in programs that make it easier to access food, not harder. Our survey shows that’s what New Yorkers are demanding.”

The high level of food insecurity, especially for those who have never experienced it before, is leading to an increase in mental health consequences including greater levels of stress, anxiety, and depression. New Yorkers are calling on elected officials to take action to prevent children and adults from going hungry in the state of New York. 


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