Praying Judge Celebrates Victory After Challenged by Freedom From Religion Foundation

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The defense of freedom has won again as an appeals court in Texas has ruled in favor of a judge who opens his courtroom with prayer, according to CBN News. The ruling comes as the Freedom From Religion Foundation expressed outrage at the judge’s actions which did not support their goal to create a country without prayer. Although this freedom is one that continuously comes under attack by atheists, this ruling is a promising sign that First Amendment rights will remain protected and secured by those who respect the foundation on which this country was built. 

According to CBN News, Reuters reported that “the Freedom From Religion Foundation targeted Montgomery County Justice of the Peace Wayne Mack in 2019 over the judge’s custom of starting each court day with a few minutes of prayer delivered by faith leaders from the community.” Much to the discontent of the Freedom From Religion Foundation, the court found the judge’s actions to be constitutional as long as he allows prayers from all faiths and does not punish anyone who does not participate. 


With the judge following the rules of the highest law in the country, using the argument of coercion was a baseless claim by the atheist organization and a poor attempt to impose their practice on those who do not conform with their beliefs. The judges stated, “We cannot credit the plaintiffs’ assertion that ‘coercion in a courtroom doesn’t come from the imposition of actual prejudice; it comes from a perceived risk of prejudice,’” adding that, “the plaintiffs must present evidence that any such perception is objectively reasonable — evidence from which we can conclude that ‘coercion is a real and substantial likelihood.’”

Mack shared that he is “eternally grateful’ for the ruling and to be able to continue serving the people in his county. As long as the Constitution remains strong, natural rights will be protected. In America, the meaning of “freedom of religion” is clear and those who dislike individual expressions of faith cannot deny that right in the name of their own crusade against religion. 


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