Private Chef Starts ‘Dining With Dignity’ to Give Back to Community

Credit: Shutterstock

Private chef for the rich and famous, Michael Garahan, is giving back to his community through an initiative that helps give quality meals to people who may not be able to afford them. According to the Emporia Gazette, Garahan started ‘Dining with Dignity’ to give care and comfort to those less fortunate by bringing a restaurant-like experience to them. Rolling up to houses in Lyon County, Kansas, Garahan offers diners the unique experience of enjoying their meals in his restaurant on wheels while being served by a private chef. 

Garahan shared that he was inspired to start this project by several different events and people. He was encouraged to begin working on this idea after he attended the White House Conference on Hunger, Nutrition and Health, and after hearing humanitarian chef Jose Andrés say “we don’t need to be planning and going to meetings. We need boots on the ground working.” Garahan also shared that he was motivated to start ‘Dining with Dignity’ after witnessing people using his church’s food bank every Sunday at Sacred Heart, and counted 80 people in just one weekend alone. 


Citing that he learned to help others from God, Garahan also has a spiritual mission behind his efforts. Garahan is helping his neighbors using the talents and gifts he has received to give back to his community and meet their needs. However, ‘Dining with Dignity’ is a for-profit organization because, Garahan explains, he would “have to give up intellectual properties that he owns from other business ventures.” Still, regardless of his organization’s status, Garahan is still helping those in need by putting in the work and hours to give them this memorable experience and a good, healthy meal. 

Helping to feed the hungry is driven by the care and compassion of good people wanting to do good work. ‘Dining with Dignity’ takes that help to another level by not just feeding those less fortunate, but by giving them a wonderful experience that makes them feel good, dignified, and loved. Guests of Garahan’s restaurant on wheels will experience the goodness in people that is shared through acts of kindness, generosity, and compassion. 


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