Pro-Life Company Offers to Pay for Childbirth Expenses, Adoption

Credit: Shutterstock

While numerous companies have pledged to pay the travel costs for abortions in the wake of the U.S. Supreme Court ruling overturning Roe v. Wade, Buffer Insurance is pledging to pay for life. Buffer Insurance is a Texas-based company that has vowed to support their employees who give birth to babies by covering medical costs and costs for adoption if they choose. The president of Buffer Insurance, Sean Turner, told CBN News that the decision was guided by faith. 

Buffer Insurance announced on social media that their response to the overturning of Roe v. Wade is to pay for the medical costs for employees who birth babies, provide paid time off for employees to have maternity and paternity leave with their newborns, and they will pay for the medical costs associated with adopting a new baby.


Turner explained on behalf of the company that “we want to celebrate life and make it easy for families to expand. The culture says children are a burden but the Bible says children are a blessing.” He also told CBN News that he hopes more companies will take this approach and offer resources to their employees to support life. Turner shared that many companies have already reached out to Buffer Insurance to learn more about how they are implementing their pro-life policies. 

Taking a stand for life and putting up the money to support their stance, Buffer Insurance is setting an example of what it means to be pro-life by taking action. As new parents may fear they may not be able to manage the costs of having a new baby, employees of Buffer Insurance know that life is an option as they navigate the resources made available to them from their employer. 


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