Pro-Life Group Opens Permanent Location Across From Planned Parenthood

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The pro-life group, Western Washington Coalition for Life, has taken a clever action in their fight against abortion by purchasing a building across the street from a Planned Parenthood. According to Faithwire, Western Washington Coalition for Life raised $200,000 in just six hours to be able to buy the building, and leaders of the group are calling it a ‘miracle.’ Although pro-lifers will continue to protest outside of Planned Parenthood, they now have a permanent location where expectant mothers can learn about alternatives to abortion. 

The executive director of the Western Washington Coalition for Life shared that they had been looking into the house across the street from Planned Parenthood for years, and once it went up for sale, knew they needed to raise funds quickly in order to get it. Now, the location, which is known as the House of Life, functions as a place that provides women with resources including information on adoption and foster care. 


According to their website, Western Washington Coalition for Life states that they are “a center for bringing together pro-life groups, organizations, churches, and other individuals who support life with big hearts and willing hands,” adding that they “take a peaceful pro-life stand through witness and prayer, and coordinate the 40 Days for Life programs for the Bremerton, Washington area, Outreach Training, and Life Runners for Western Washington.” 

With the presence of the Western Washington Coalition for Life across the street from a Planned Parenthood, lives are sure to be saved. Letting mothers know that there are alternatives to abortion is important, but even better is having a place for them to go that surrounds them with the information from compassionate people who respect life. With the motto, “where there is life, there is hope,” the Western Washington Coalition for Life is giving their community a place where they can support mothers and growing babies with tender love and care. 


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