‘Pro-Life, Pro-Family, Pro-Freedom’ Marketplace Grows Rapidly as Competitor to Amazon

Credit: PublicSq/Facebook

In an effort to fight back against the “woke” companies that still supply much of consumer products, PublicSq. is serving to be the alternative digital marketplace for Americans tired of giving money to those whose values don’t align with theirs. CBN News reports that PublicSq. is a growing company that has set a goal to be the direct competitor to Amazon with “the largest network of patriotic businesses in the nation.” PublicSq. declares that it is a digital platform that is “Pro-Life, Pro-Family, Pro-Freedom.”

PublicSq. founder and CEO Michael Seifert explained that there is a consumer market made up of more than 100 million Americans who are fed up with giving their hard earned money to “woke” companies that undermine their values. Seifert shared that he is referring to companies like Nike, Starbucks, Target and Bud Light, all of which have upset a significant portion of their consumer base with activism that goes against their values. But Seifert knows that without an alternative, this consumer base would still be forced to buy the products they need or want from these companies. 


Since its launch in 2021, PublicSq. has been growing rapidly, and they partnered with Colombier Acquisition Corp. to be able to trade on the New York Stock Exchange. A public company, owned by “we the people,” PublicSq. is traded under the ticker symbol PSQH on the New York Stock Exchange, according to Fox Business. There are currently one million active consumers using the platform and more than 55,000 businesses, with 90% of that number being small businesses. 

Businesses included on PublicSq. are those that sell household goods, skincare, sports equipment, books, and baby products. One product highlighted by CBN News is the pro-life diaper company, EveryLife, which professes to never donate their customers’ money to organizations that “destroy innocent life.” 


Seifert declared in a statement, “For too long, progressive corporations have prioritized highly politicized ideas over the interests and values of the American people. Because of this, we, as patriotic Americans, are hungering for a future where the power is back in the hands of ‘We the People’ and a parallel economy is created.” Seifert also shared that “With the PublicSq. platform, we are grateful to provide a solution that helps everyday, freedom-loving Americans spend their hard-earned money with businesses that prioritize the values that have made this nation so special in the first place.”

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