Pro-Lifers Raise Over $50K to Support Teen Mom With Twins

Credit: Shutterstock

Pro-lifers have raised more than $50,000 to support a young mother of twins who was worried she will not be able to financially support her family, according to Christian Headlines. At eighteen-years-old, Brooke Alexander welcomed twins despite reports from The Washington Post that she wanted an abortion. After launching a GoFundMe fundraiser to help pay for baby essentials, Alexander has been surrounded with great support. 

According to Christian Headlines, Lila Rose of Live Action who has helped raise funds for the family explained that Alexander was used by The Washington Post in a “condescending” way to promote their own pro-abortion ideology. In The Washington Post’s article, they “noted that Alexander learned she was pregnant 48 hours before a Texas law went into effect that prohibits abortions if an unborn baby’s heartbeat is detected. The story ran under the headline, ‘This Texas teen wanted an abortion. She now has twins.’” 


Though Alexander expressed that she was worried she would not be able to afford diapers, wipes, formula, and other essential items, she reached out to others for help. Pro-life organizations including the Human Defense Initiative joined Live Action in promoting the fundraiser to their followers. Not only did their followers and other supporters donate money to Alexander, they also shared words of encouragement, kindness, and faith. 

As Alexander and her husband, who is also eighteen-years-old and recently left for basic training, begin raising their family together, they have shown the power of love, hope, and faith. With her courage to give birth and reach out for help, Alexander has set an example for young mothers who may be concerned about the costs of raising a family. Choosing life has brought Alexander and her husband a family, and the support of those who donated to them will not only help them meet their needs, but will fill their future with hope. 


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