‘Project Dynamo’ Has Now Rescued Over 550 People From Ukraine

Credit: Project Dynamo

Project Dynamo, the Tampa-based nonprofit committed to rescuing Americans in danger, has safely evacuated more 550 people from Russian-occupied locations in Ukraine, according to WTSP. In an update provided from Project Dynamo, the organization reports that they have rescued more than 150 people, mostly from Russian-occupied Kherson, since last week alone including five American and British newborn babies. The team of Project Dynamo, which is made up of volunteers, many of whom are former and current military members “with experience in special operations and intelligence,” are undertaking a tremendous risk to save the lives of those who are trapped in the grips of the war-torn nation. 

WTSP reports that with eight cars and three buses, the Project Dynamo heroes were able to meet evacuees in their homes and other locations before leaving the city of Mykolaiv. Their six hour trip into the city was overwhelmed with danger as the team needed to concentrate on avoiding artillery shelling and mine-laced evacuation routes. After bringing the majority of evacuees to an “undisclosed safe location,” many fled to Romania and others went straight to Poland. 


Bryan Stern, cofounder of Project Dynamo said that the timing in their missions is critical as they have “small windows of opportunity” in which they can operate. Entering “non-permissive and dangerous areas,” failure is not an option for the crew who carefully and strategically complete their missions. Stern shared that regarding their recent mission, had they waited, they would not have been able to conduct the evacuation due to the “deteriorating situation on the ground and significant increase in violence by the Russian forces.” 

Project Dynamo works as quickly as they can to rescue those who need to be evacuated. The operation in Kherson, which is under total Russian occupation, took one week to plan and 24 hours to execute. The fearless heroes of Project Dynamo who go directly into danger entering areas with the highest level of risk to save the lives of others, which would be lost without their bravery, leaves all consumed with gratitude and hope.  


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