Project DYNAMO Saves Lives in Florida After Hurricane Ian

Credit: Project DYNAMO

Project DYNAMO, the veteran-led rescue organization that saves Americans in peril abroad and right here at home, has landed in Florida, to conduct rescues in Naples and Sanibel after Hurricane Ian made landfall last week in what they call “Operation Homefront.” The Tampa-based organization has successfully undertaken thousands of rescue missions, including most recently in Afghanistan and Ukraine where they have been saving Americans and American allies from the war-torn countries. Now, Project DYNAMO is in Florida, prepared to go into the most difficult to reach places to save lives. 

According to WTSP, the combat veterans have already saved a few people in Florida, and have over a dozen rescue requests as of Friday. Their extraordinary experience allows the team of Project DYNAMO to conduct their missions efficiently and successfully. Committed to ensuring that anyone who needs help receives it, the team of Project DYNAMO is providing hope to those who need it now the most.


According to Coastal Breeze, Bryan Stern, a cofounder of Project DYNAMO, shared that “our experience conducting these dangerous rescues makes us confident that we’ll be successful supporting and rescuing our neighbors starting in the Sanibel and Naples areas, and we have plans to quickly mobilize to other regions in the aftermath of this devastating storm,” adding that, “Florida’s Gulf Coast hasn’t seen a catastrophe like this in over a century. We’re going to do everything possible for those in need, and we’re here for the long haul.”

Project DYNAMO is an organization separate from the government that is dedicated to saving lives, and with their exceptional experience, the team of Project DYNAMO brings faith and hope to people in need. Though the circumstances in Florida in hard-hit areas have made it seem nearly impossible to reach them, Project DYNAMO is among those that prove rescue is not out of the question no matter how challenging the task ahead may be. 


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