Record Number of State Capitols Display Nativity Scenes This Christmas

Credit: shutterstock

A high number of state capitols across America are displaying Nativity scenes for the Christmas season. According to Christian Headlines, 43 state capitols have erected displays, the most ever to do so. The Thomas More Society, which is a national public interest law firm, and the American Nativity Scene, a group that seeks to display Nativity scenes at every state capitol in the country, are carrying out the initiative together, ready to defend their rights against anyone questioning them. 

Thomas More Society Vice President and Senior Counsel Thomas Olp explained that “many erroneously assume that government entities are prohibited from allowing a religious display […] The law is clear. Government entities may erect and maintain celebrations of the Christmas holiday — or allow citizens to do so on government property, including nativity scenes, as long as a crèche’s sole purpose is not to promote its religious content and it is placed in context with other symbols of the season as part of an effort to celebrate the public Christmas holiday through traditional symbols.”


Thomas More Society President and Chief Counsel Tom Brejcha shared that the message that the Nativity scenes send is most important. Brejcha said, “it highlights the inherent dignity of each and every human being.” 

Displaying Nativity scenes reminds all of the true meaning of Christmas and why it is celebrated. While some try to take Christ out of Christmas, the reality is that He is the reason for the season. The joy, the love, and the hope that comes from Christmas is all a gift from the Lord, and the world celebrates this time in honor of Him. As efforts to keep Christ in Christmas continue, the sanctity of the holiday will be preserved, and as groups such as the Thomas More Society and the American Nativity Scene continue their efforts, the right to religious liberty will remain protected. 


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