SCOTUS Rules in Favor of Trump as America Withstands Test to Its Foundation

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The Supreme Court of the United States has decided unanimously in favor of Donald Trump allowing him to remain on the ballot in Colorado, reversing their decision to remove him from the ballot citing the events of January 6, The Washington Post reports. The decision was an effort made to ensure free and fair elections as the Supreme Court will refrain from influencing the trajectory of the 2024 presidential election by letting Americans decide. 



The Washington Post reports, the U.S. Supreme Court declared that disqualifying a candidate from the ballot is a responsibility that “rests with Congress,” not the states. If states were permitted to disqualify presidential candidates, the Justices warned chaos would ensue amid the differences. Although the decision was unanimous, three liberal justices wrote separately that they believed the Supreme Court decided an issue that was “not before the court in an attempt to insulate itself and Trump from ‘future controversy.’”



Trump, who is GOP’s frontrunner candidate to become the presidential nominee for the 2024 election, posted on social media that the decision was a “BIG WIN FOR AMERICA!!!”


Still, Trump faces future cases that are efforts to block him from possibly assuming the presidency again. The United States Supreme Court will hear Trump’s challenge to the ruling from the U.S. Court of Appeals for the D.C. Circuit which said that he is “not protected from criminal prosecution by presidential immunity. The justices have agreed to review the validity of the law that was referenced in charging hundreds of people connected to the events of January 6. 


The challenge to Trump’s  presidential candidacy is testing the strength of America’s foundation of being a democratic republic in which power is meant to be held by the people. While cases keep coming up against Trump, many Americans are left questioning the political motives of some while others wonder when and if the attacks on Trump will ever end. 


The justices also appeared to recognize the politics behind Colorado’s decision. Conservative Justice Amy Coney Barrett wrote, “the Court has settled a politically charged issue in the volatile season of a Presidential election. Particularly in this circumstance, writings on the Court should turn the national temperature down, not up.”


In their decision, the justices focused on Colorado’s citation of the 14th Amendment provision, also known as the disqualification clause. The Washington Post explains, “in the Colorado case, the justices were reviewing a decision from Colorado’s top court that relied on a long dormant post-Civil War provision of the 14th Amendment to declare Trump ineligible to return to the White House […] The provision prohibits anyone who previously pledged to support the Constitution as “an officer of the United States” from returning to office if they betrayed their oath by engaging in insurrection. The text of Section 3 does not specify who is supposed to enforce the clause or when it should be invoked.”


While the justices and other legal analysts agreed that the 14th Amendment provision would have to be decided by the Supreme Court of the United States, they also warned that if the ruling was in favor of Colorado, the future of elections would be implicated as candidates would be “banned” from ballots on both the left and the right. 

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