Secret Service Closes White House Cocaine Investigation With No Results

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The United States Secret Service has closed the investigation into who brought cocaine into the West Wing of the White House, which was discovered on Sunday, July 2. The Daily Mail reports that despite fingerprint and DNA testing, the Secret Service cited a “lack of evidence” in their search to find the culprit. Some Republican leaders are accusing authorities of a “cover up” as they do not believe one of the most secure places in America cannot figure out who brought a bag of cocaine into the building. 

Trump-era CBP Director and longtime FBI agent Mark Morgan told the Daily Mail last week that the investigation should have been completed in under an hour since the case was “straightforward.” However, after 11 days, the case was closed without being solved. The Secret Service did have a list of 500 suspects, but none were drug tested as Democrats claimed it would violate their civil liberties.


The cocaine is said to have been found inside a locker used to temporarily store electronic and personal devices for guests before entering the West Wing. Those with suspicion as to the handling of the case have also pointed out that the location of the drug changed three times since its discovery with it first being said to have been in the library, then in a work area of the West Wing, and finally in a cell phone locker. 

After determining that the cocaine belonged to a visitor, Rep. Tim Burchett (R-TN) accused the Secret Service of catering to “another coverup by the Biden White House.” Burchett called the investigation “bogus,” adding that it is “the most ridiculous thing” he has ever seen in his life. 


Both Morgan and Burchett pointed out that there are security cameras everywhere in the White House with facial recognition technology that could help solve the case rather quickly of who brought the substance into the building. With the investigation into who brought the cocaine into the White House being deemed unsolvable, it leaves many Americans concerned as the West Wing is believed to be among the most secure places in the country. 

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